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  • EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with official Star Wars artist and Indiana Jones fan PAUL SHIPPER who has gifted us an amazing cover.

  • We feature the new film on ROBERTS WATTS, the GUADIX FESTIVAL and new Indy challenge coins.

  • We also delve more into Indy moraility with JERRY SARAVIA and find out about last year's Adventurer's Summit for HAIKO ALBRECHT

Also news, reviews and general jollity from the Indymag team.





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indymag is the magazine for Indiana Jones fans with the aim of sharing a bit of Indy love by taking an irreverent look at the world of Indiana Jones. Along the way we hope our little magazine will raise a few chuckles and, by default, bestow some actual facts. 


This magazine was created for fans by fans and is nothing more than a labor of love for everyone involved. The ultimate success of this magazine depends on fans, you - yes, you! - to be an active part of helping us create content for the magazine.


Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas as we welcome everyone to participate no matter how small or inconsequential.







Calling all Indy creatives! Be a part of our magazine!

If you have ideas for the magazine or have a talent to offer then we would love to hear from you!


We are looking people who can help with regular reviews, create features or doddle a great image.


As the magazine is voluntary it can take up a lot of time so consider whether this is the right for you. 

Send your submission on our contact button on the about section.


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